• Pete's Café Menu

    Served with Potatoes or Grits & Toast


    Served with potatoes or grits and toast

    Farmer’s Omelette $8.00with sausage, peppers and onionsPete's Omelette Deluxe $9.25Feta cheese, tomato, 2 strips of bacon and 2 sausages.Vegetarian Omelette $7.95with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions and peppers.Italian Omelette $8.75with sausage, mozzarella, onions and peppers.The Low Cholesterol Omelette $10.25Five egg whites with mushrooms, onion, peppers, spinach and tomato.

    Deluxe burgers include fries, lettuce
    and tomatoes


    Available from noon to 10PM


    Above special sandwiches served with French fries $2.00 extra ✦ Onion or tomato 50¢ extra✦ On bagel or English muffin 50¢ extra ✦ On pita or croissant $1.00 extra ✦ Extra meat $1.00 With American $1.00 extra ✦ Cheddar, Swiss or mozzarella cheese $1.25 extra ✦ Extra egg $1.00 extra ✦ Egg whites $1.00 extra

    Served with French fries or potato salad, Coleslaw and pickles

    Served on grilled panini bread with French fries or  potato salad

    Served with lettuce, tomato,  French fries, Coleslaw and pickle

    Wrapped in a soft flour tortilla
    (regular or whole wheat)
    served with French fries or potato salad


    Served with two slices of bread with cup soup or salad and choice of rice, spaghetti or potato and vegetables

    Served with soup or salad, bread and butter

    (Broiled to Perfection)

    Served with cup of soup or salad with bread and butter and choice of rice, spaghetti or potato and vegetables

    Served with cup of soup or salad, bread and butter, choice of rice or potato and vegetables


    Vegetables: Broccoli, Corn, Spinach OR Mixed VegetablePotatoes Section: Mashed, French FrieS, Home Fries or
    Baked Potato





    For children 12 years and under only please


  • Mexican Food

Gyro Sandwich $7.50

Spiced meat on pita with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, our famous tzatziki sauce, Coleslaw and pickle.

Gyro Special with French Fries  $10.00

Gyro Platter $11.70

Served with French fries and Greek salad.

Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich $7.50

Chicken Souvlaki Special $10.00

Served with French Fries

Chicken Souvlaki Platter $11.70

Served with French fries and Greek salad.

Greek Pizza $7.70

Spinach, feta and mozzarella and pita.

with French Fries  $9.70


Strawberry Cheese Cake $5.00

Creamy Cheese Cake $4.50

Strawberry Shortcake $4.25

Layer Cake $4.25

Apple Pie $4.00

Creamy Rice

Pudding $3.75

With whipped cream $1.00 extra

French Fries $3.75

with melted American Cheese $5.00

with Melted Mozzarella and Gravy  $5.45

Sweet Potato Fries  $4.25

Home Fries or Hash Brown Potatoes $3.75

Onion Rings  $4.75

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce  $7.25

Ham, Bacon or Sausage  $3.00

Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausageor Beef Sausage $3.50

Grits $3.75

Mashed Potatoes  $3.75

Rice Pilaf  $3.75

Hot Vegetable  $4.00

Potato Salad  $3.75

Coleslaw  $2.50

Pickles  $2.50

Lettuce and Tomato  $3.75

Feta Cheese  $3.50

Cottage Cheese   $4.00

Canadian Bacon or Fresh Turkey  $3.50

Corned Beef Hash  $3.75

Apple Sauce  $2.50

Side of Gravy  $2.00

Pita Bread  $2.00

Curly Fries  $4.25

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